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Firebase List HIstories

Lists Histories for a given Project

Firebase Get Execution

Gets an Execution

Firebase Update Execution

Updates an existing Execution with the supplied partial entity

Firebase Get Execution Steps

Lists Steps for a given Execution

Firebase Update Execution Step

Updates an existing Step with the supplied partial entity

Firebase Get Metrics Summary

Retrieves a PerfMetricsSummary

Firebase Create Metric Summary

Creates a PerfMetricsSummary resource

Firebase Get Sample Series

Lists PerfSampleSeries for a given Step

Firebase Create Sample Series

Creates a PerfSampleSeries

Firebase Get Sample Series

Gets a PerfSampleSeries

Firebase Create Sample

Creates a batch of PerfSamples - a client can submit multiple batches of Perf Samples through repeated calls to this method in order to split up a large request payload - duplicates and existing timestamp entries will be ignored

Firebase Get Sample Series

Lists the Performance Samples of a given Sample Series - The list results are sorted by timestamps ascending - The default page size is 500 samples; and maximum size allowed 5000 - The response token indicates the last returned PerfSample timestamp - When the results size exceeds the page size, submit a subsequent request including the page token to return the rest of the samples up to the page limit May return any of the following canonical error codes: - OUT_OF_RANGE - The specified request page_token is out of valid range - NOT_FOUND - The containing PerfSampleSeries does not exist

Firebase Publish XML Files

Publish xml files to an existing Step

Firebase Get Thumbnails

Lists thumbnails of images attached to a step

Firebase Get Executions

Lists Histories for a given Project

Firebase Create Execution

Creates an Execution

Firebase Get History

Gets a History

Firebase Create History

Creates a History

Firebase Initialize Settings

Creates resources for settings which have not yet been set

Firebase Get Project Settings

Gets the Tool Results settings for a project

Firebase Delete Release

Delete a `Release` by resource name

Firebase Update Release

Update a `Release`

Firebase List Releases

List the `Release` values for a project

Firebase Create Releases

Create a `Release`

Firebase List Rules

List `Ruleset` metadata only and optionally filter the results by Ruleset name

Firebase Create Rules

Create a `Ruleset` from `Source`

Firebase Test Rule

Test `Source` for syntactic and semantic correctness

Firebase Create Link

Creates a short Dynamic Link given either a valid long Dynamic Link or details such as Dynamic Link domain, Android and iOS app information

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